What is playfairplay.net?

playfairplay.net is a free virtual space dedicated to the world of sports, non professional sports in particular.
Fairplay is a respect for the rules and equal treatment of all concerned and this is what our site is all about.

It is a site created for kids, teens and adults who would like to share their passion for sports they play or sports follow.
It is a site for those who know it’s not about whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.
It is a place for those who know how to win, but also know how to lose.
It is a place to meet and exchange sports experiences.
It is a place where you can learn to grow (it’s never too late) through sports.

This is why fairplay is the foundation of this space’s identity.
Fairplay is an idea that we bring not only to sports but to our everyday lives.
Fairplay is the base of this site’s identity, we defend the idea to the end.

This is our first beta version, any feedback and suggestions to make it better are always welcome.
Check the timelime and updates and follow our growth.

How does playfairplay.net work?

To use playfairplay.net you just have a Google account and the free android app scoreboard+++ which is dedicated to basketball and where you can upload your games and scores.

Once you’ve uploaded, you will be able to comment and see other people’s comments.
Once you upload your results to android , they will automatically updated to playfairplay.net.

All game scores and action can be seen just like the pros, something that only playfairplay.net is able to offer!