Scoreboard PRO Android APP for free

Want Scoreboard PRO for free?

It is very important for us to use real humans to translate our apps into real every day language.
Sports are an universal language and we want our apps to convey that.
If you want to translate our app into your language, we will give you a you a free version of Scoreboard PRO for your devices. It‘s a lifetime offer, not just a restricted period of time.

If your language has already been translated, you can help us by translating (or better translating) the Google Play description already published.

Here the instructions:

  1. Download the file strings.xml or the Google Play description
  2. Send us the translated file or the new Google Play description to at
  3. After a short time, you will receive our instructions to download a free version of Scoreboard PRO for your devices!

Thank you in advanced for your collaboration!