It’s always difficult to talk about oneself without sounding like we are tooting our own horn.
So, we’re hoping that you can get to know us by talking about our passions and our visions.
We’re just four friends who have a passion for basketball and technology.
We’ve all got our own approach and style, but the same love for both things.
The four of us are as different as apples and oranges, but it’s just this difference that makes our team at and scoreboard+++ work!

Calling out the team in alphabetical order are…


has incredible determination and perseverance, he plays all out until the final buzzer. He’s not our team’s brauniest player, but he more than makes up for with his brain!


the youngest member of our team is a polyhedral artist: futsal goalkeeper, guitarist and CSS wizard. He follows a very personal strategy: “few words, hard work”.


has got the docile exterior of a pussycat, that hides his inner instincts of a lion. This makes him our key defence player, other teams never know when he is going to pounce and make that inside shot.


is our team’s playmaker. He’s got the vision and ability to read the game. He knows when to alley oop and he knows when to slam dunk!